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7 Steps to Write an Essay Fast

Essays by themselves can be difficult however, the timed essay adds a whole additional layer of stress. No matter if you’re a high-school student or an experienced scholar, it’s not difficult to get stressed out and not remember the basic steps of writing a thesis statement. Relax! If you have a full month or only 30 minutes, you are able to write an engaging essay that will earn you an outstanding grade.

A variety of simple essay writing guidelines will help you navigate this daunting task. These are the primary steps you’d typically follow when writing your essay. Before you go on to them, let us emphasize that the primary aspect of a fast-written essay is meticulous planning keeping track of time, and staying on the topic.

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Write Down Your Immediate Reaction to the Prompt

It’s easy to see however, the most crucial method to writing your essay quickly is to be able to read the instruction. Read it over again. You must be sure that you understand the requirements it has for you. It’s not a good idea to be 15 minutes into your draft only to realize that you’re not even discussing the themes of Romeo & Juliet or how loneliness and alienation affect the characters of Of Mice and Men.

For a true guarantee that you understand the prompt, highlight or highlight the primary question(s) on the question. Make notes on the questions that the prompt is asking you. Then, write down your immediate response to the question.

Plan Your Time

What is the time until you’re ready to get your essay completed? If you only have 30 minutes, think about 10 minutes to outline your essay, 15 minutes for writing the body of your essay, and 5 minutes to revise. If you’re given time for an hour, then you should divide your time accordingly. Be sure to devote at least one-fifth of your time to structuring the paper, and at least half to shaping the paper’s body. Make sure to include revisions within your outline.

Read Your Essay Question Carefully and Answer It

This is a crucial step. If you only understand the question only in vague terms at starting, then you’ll be required to return to the question while you’re concentrating on writing. Make an immediate answer in your mind. In this way, you’ll get some idea about what you want to write about. If you’re struggling to begin think about brainstorming: Write down everything that comes to mind Then, you can choose the most appropriate topic.

Write Clearly but Don’t Get Caught Up on Grammar Rules

When you are at the real work of writing an essay, you must keep practicing your spelling, grammar, and punctuation to the highest of your abilities. However, do not become too caught up with all the rules for the typical essay.

If each paragraph isn’t comprised of 3 to 5 sentences in it, it’s acceptable. When the paragraph transitions aren’t strong or insignificant, don’t be concerned about it.

The most important thing is to present your thesis and support your argument as well as you can and complete your essay with a solid structure within the specified time. Other things, though beneficial, should be considered and added.

Write down the key sentences for each Paragraph (before you write the rest)

The sentences were written as you wrote the outline. Now, ensure you’ve got sentences that are solid and precise. They shouldn’t need further editing. In general, you shouldn’t require more than a few minutes.

Use Your Natural Voice

Even with all of the above that you may still write in the voice and style that is uniquely yours. Teachers instructors, students, and examiners are looking over hundreds or even dozens of essays. Writing in a distinctive voice can bring some variety to your teacher and helps you distinguish yourself from other students.

Don’t Forget About the Revision

This is a crucial step to complete, so ensure that you’ve taken the time to complete it. When revising be sure to take note of the overall arrangement, your thesis, and key phrases in every paragraph. After that, check to see if all of your writing is connected. After that, check to see if there aren’t any errors or mistakes. Voila! Your essay is now ready for submission.

We’ve shared some of our tips for writing an effective essay quickly. These are steps that you carefully plan adhering to strict deadlines and making sure your writing, research, and revising are to the level. Any deviation from the plan goals will just spend your time. When the time comes, if you can compose an essay in half an hour or so, you’ll be able to not be able to complete the assignment in your SATs however, you’ll be able to save much time in college. If you don’t have time to write an essay, use free essay examples from

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