Thursday, December 7, 2023

All You Need To Know About Mobox Listing Carnival From The House Of Kucoin

Crypto currency, also called crypto, is a form of currency that exists virtually and digitally. It uses the method of cryptography to secure transactions. KU Coin is a large cryptocurrency in today’s world that offer the ability to sell, buy and trade crypto currencies. It also offers margin, futures, and peer-to-peer (p2p) trading. The most exclusive offer you get from KUCOINS is that users can choose to earn the award by lending and staking their crypto to earn rewards. In addition to its security features such as multi factor authentication and encryption, users can have a separate password for trading; the password is then required to make trades and withdraw assets. KU coins also have buying options from credit cards, bank transfers, apple pay, and about 20 others.


MOBOX is a gaming platform that also supports metaverse. It combines Defi farming and gaming NFT. As a result, MOMOverse was obtained. The players can spend time, create content, play games and participate in other activities. As a result, MOMOverse gives you a different reward in return for engaging and bringing volume to the platform.

To celebrate MOBOX (MBOX) being listed on KUCOIN, MOBOX is launching a campaign to give away a prize pool of 80,000 MBOX, approximately $ 88,000, to qualified KUCOIN users.

Activity 1

Earn while learning, Get to be a MOBOX specialist, and share 15,000 MBOX Users who complete the following requirements will be considered qualified users to win a share of 15,000 MBOX, which is approximately $ 16,500 Fill in the form available on the KUCOIN website and have a valid KUCOIN account.

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After following their given directions you the KUCOIN website, you can participate in the pool which gives many MBOX to the qualifiers Other activities are also available on their website where users can participate to get the rewards. The qualifiers are announced on the website of Kucoin.

Mobox And Kucoin

The recent activities and agreements show that after listing MOBOX on KUCOIN, the market has boosted the value of KUCOIN in a very short period. With MOBOX and KUCOIN being commercialism partners, users will get the advantage of finance and enjoying games on MOBOX and earning tokens which will be converted into any cryptocurrency such as USDC, ALGO, SHIB, etc.

Trading Partner Of Kucoin 

The trading partners of KUCOIN, such as USDC, Bitcoin price, ALGO price, and Shib inu price, can help improve KUCOIN because each has its benefits. U.S dollar assets back USDC.

ALGO is a blockchain and cryptocurrency designed to operate as a major payment processor. SHIB can be used as the medium of exchange


The path the KUCOIN is walking down makes it a very suitable long-term investor as they have secured a $ 150 million portfolio that is expanding. It has enjoyed its stability with MOBOX. The project of MOBOX has an ambitious path and shows growth concerning the coin’s performance.

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