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Cleansing foam to reduce acne and reduce oily face.

When it comes to acne, the first rule to keep in mind for people with acne is: You must wash your face thoroughly because keeping your face clean. No dirt or oil clogging. One of the causes of acne. Of course, it will make our faces clearer. Therefore, we have to focus on choosing a cleansing foam for acne, especially oily skin.

Note : Skin care products center facelabs Our products are developed from the research of dermatologists. The products are suitable for all skin types.

Use a face wash to reduce acne. Acne is gone from the washing process. What do you have to do?

For oily and acne prone skin, use a face wash both morning and evening. Because in the morning, our skin is both oily. various nourishing creams that we apply at night If not, wash it off with a facial cleanser. May cause skin to become clogged. In the evening, of course, to wash away the dirt, oil and pollution that we have encountered throughout the day.

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– Must wash your face thoroughly. But absolutely do not creak! If we wash our face with a foaming cleanser that is too strong Makes your skin dry and tight after washing your face. It will cause the skin to produce more oil. This job, the face is even slimmer than before. From reducing acne, it will damage the skin.

– Wash your face along the hairline to reduce acne. Another trick that helps reduce acne from washing your face. Helps to clean the face more deeply Dirt back to clogging the pores less. The method is simple: Let us use your fingers to gently rub from the inside of the face out to the side in the same direction. Do not use your fingers to rub the skin back and forth. This way, the surface will be clean. It has helped reduce acne.

– Salicylic Acid, a hero ingredient that helps cleanse dirt. Reduce pore clogging For people with acne, look for this ingredient in your face wash.

What is the best brand of facial foam to reduce acne?

1. AquaPlus Skin Soothing Milky Wash

The first acne-reducing cleansing foam is called AquaPlus. I can tell you that it is a brand that specializes in acne and oily skin problems! For his acne-reducing facial foam, this one is a milk-based cleansing foam. Removes impurities that remain on our skin deeply, gently, helps to care and reduce inflammation of acne with the innovation of AMISOFT® ECS-22W and innovation of SalsphereTM Severe Acne Relief.

It can be said that it meets the needs of people with acne and oily skin like us. Plus, they protect the skin from bacteria that cause acne without damaging the moisture barrier. Even if it cleans excess oil thoroughly, it doesn’t make your skin feel dry and tight. face not creaking And it also helps the skin to be soothed to the touch of smooth, soft and comfortable skin. Most importantly, it does not contain alcohol, perfume and parabens~ People with sensitive and sensitive skin can have no worries.

2. SENKA Perfect Whip Acne Care

Facial cleansing foam to reduce acne, a Japanese brand known for its soft whipped foam. They have a formula especially for acne prone skin, it contains Salicylic Acid and Kyoto Chamomile Extract. Helps fight acne-causing bacteria. Clear the skin thoroughly.

Don’t be afraid of dry, tight skin after washing your face. Because they add moisture from extracts from white cocoons (White Cocoon) and double hyaluronic acid. Clean your face, reduce acne, reduce oily face. The price is good for those who like facial cleansing foam as well. Soft whipped foam. Must try. There are small tubes for sale in seven too.

3. Mentholatum Acnes Clear & Whitening Wash

The cleansing foam that reduces acne in Seven that many people review helps reduce acne equally well. Contains Salicylic Acid to help eliminate bacteria, reduce acne and extracts from avocado. Helps to reduce oily face for a long time Plus there is a helper to reduce acne scars such as Vitamin C as a whitening to help brighten the skin.

If you look at the label, they have Centella Asiatica that helps soothe the skin. Reduce acne problems It is also gentle and does not contain SLS that makes your skin dry and tight.

4. Smooth E Acne Extra Sensitive Cleansing Gel

Foaming cleanser to reduce acne, no foam formula. Which has the advantage that it does not contain cleaning agents that can cause clogging in the pores. Does not make the skin tight, reduce acne, oily skin and reduce wrinkles as well.

Reputed to be a smooth brand again, I know that I have to be gentle. Sensitive skin people can use it. And there are acne-reducing ingredients like Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid to help remove dead skin cells and excess sebum. Not to clog the pores and has Algae extract, seaweed extract. Help nourish the skin to be moisturized. Reducing the chance of acne scars Makes the skin clean and clear without acne. smooth and healthy

5. Eucerin Pro Acne Solution Gentle Cleansing Foam

Facial cleansing foam to reduce acne from the famous cosmetic brand Eucerin in the Pro Acne line that is famous for reducing acne clogged with a mixture of Dio-Active (Dio-Active) and Bisabolol (Bisabolol) substances. extracted from nature Helps reduce acne clogged up to 82%

It is another facial foam that cleans the skin deeply. Reduce the clogging of oil on the face. It also helps reduce acne scars. Black marks from acne as well. It’s called all in one tube. And anyone who has sensitive skin is not worried. because it is a gentle formula that does not contain alcohol. Balance the skin without making the skin dry after washing.

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