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Effective guidelines to clean your carpets if you have dogs

Dogs are our furry friends, but they may be tough to manage, especially if they love being on the carpet. Luckily, you have some quick remedies to implement to prevent any permanent stains or damage from them.

Though dogs are our best friends, they are also an enemy of carpets. And you may find it very hard to remove their stains. Unlike other stains, dog stains also carry foul smells, which require professionals to do the cleaning for you. Carpet cleaning in Edmonton is recommended twice or thrice a year if you own a pet.

Here is a post recommending tips to help maintain and clean your carpets while having a dog at home.

Purchase a comfortable dog bed

Restrict your dog’s access to specific areas, keeping those parts tidy and organized while they can enjoy playing at other places. Buy a sizeable, comfortable dog bed for your friend and allocate a permanent place for it. It is also suggested to place it in the center of the home where you spend your maximum time.

Your dog will feel more relaxed if it can see and feel close to you. So, as soon as your dog comes inside, lead them to their bed. It will save you from costly carpet repairs and replacements. If your carpet has stains, use premium carpet cleaning services in Edmonton to get rid of them.

Place a towel mat at entrances

Place a doormat at all entrances for your dog, as most of the dirt and dust comes through their paws. When you bring your dog back after a walk, clean its paws first. Most animals will not like it at first, but eventually, they will know they cannot enter the home without cleaning their paws. It is a simple routine, but it will never soil your carpet with mud.

Clean your pet using as soon as possible

There’s a chance your dog urinated on the carpet while you were not home. But it is important to clean it as soon as you find it. Waiting too long to clean it will allow the pee to penetrate deeper inside the carpet fabric, producing an unpleasant odor.

Never let the odor persist

You may have nose blindness as you get so used to the smell that sometimes you may not feel it. However, to keep your carpet fresh, apply these actions:

  • Change your kitty litter periodically
  • Wash your pets regularly
  • You should also wash your dog’s toys and bed every few weeks.

Vacuum frequently

This one is common but helps make the biggest difference. Yes, it is important to vacuum your carpets once a week without a pet and twice or thrice a week with pets. Around 80% of the debris, sill, and dirt is removed through a vacuum.

Apart from sweeping the floor, vacuum your upholstery too. Pet hair can spread throughout the house wherever they go.

Professional cleaning

Lastly, getting a professional cleaning done every six months is very important with a pet in your home. With deep cleaning, they are likely to make your carpet free from all pet hair, feces, smell, and stains.

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