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How To Make Perfect Notes & its Benefits

Notes are the best part of the learning process. It enables you to understand and study more effectively. They also help you to remember the whole chapter in the shortest and more straightforward form. You can easily manage and revise all the essential points with the help of quick notes. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the benefits of article making and steps to make notes:

Benefits of Taking Notes

  1. Keep you active – Note making helps you be more involved in the class. As when you concentrate on what has been told by the teacher, you remain active, and there is less chance of feeling sleepy. Making notes become easier with the help of a learning management system. This software improves student collaboration and let teachers manage their activities more efficiently. The system also help them manage classroom attendance with the help of a student attendance management system.
  2. Active all your senses – When you are making notes in class, it is evident that you will listen carefully and then write them down, So you remain active.
  3. When you make notes, it is evident that you will go through the chapter more carefully, study more, and ultimately grasp the different concepts.
  4. Note-making helps you to remember things a lot. It will help you memorize many things for a longer time.

How To Make Notes?

  1. Read the topic before attending class – It’s necessary to read the chapter before the teacher explains the chapters in the class. When you read the chapter before, it will help you to understand the chapter back and can correlate the topic more easily. Before attending the course, when you go through the chapters, you can know what type of question is being asked so that you will remain attentive in class. Sometimes students don’t know what is happening in their class and hence can’t understand whatever is being explained in the classroom.
  2. Write in your language – You must write in the specific language you know. It’s not necessary to write in English only, and never try to write in the book language as at the time of the revision, you won’t be able to understand any topic. You will be stressed over mugging up things, decreasing your marks.
  3. Focus on keywords and concepts – The most appropriate way to make notes is that you know how to make them more productive by including dates, specific names, and related information. And only write the most crucial thing and neglect the rest; if you want details, you can shift them to the book. For example, you make notes in geography about the rivers, so you need to write the name – The Ganga river, its origin, length, tributaries, and where it flows up to date.
  4. Don’t shift too many reference books- It is advisable to restrict to a limited book like you can choose NCERT and a reference for preparing notes. If you go for various books, you will read those and won’t be able to keep interested, whereas when you restrict your material, you will be more curious and productive.
  5. In note-taking, you can adopt the questions answer method – one of the most effective methods to engage with the mind and then make notes. You don’t have to copy things up blindly. You can use it in your answer, like what, why, where, and how. Which will make your response enjoyable, and you will be fully engaged. So after completing the chapter twice or thrice, write notes on the significance of the chapter and what things are essential, and write it in your language to develop and check your capabilities.
  6. Used abbreviation- try to include the different abbreviations in the notes to make it short and more interesting as you can use – wt in place of what, Wb in place of would Be, and many more. Suppose you are making notes on digestion and starting. You have defined each term in between, and you can use SI for the small intestine, LI for the large intestine, and more.


These tips, as mentioned above, will help you perform well in the classroom and save time. With the help of a lms portal, students can improve their learning experience. Likewise, teachers can manage their time and record data automatically with the help of modules like the attendance management software.

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