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Knowledge of stem cells in surgery

In the plastic surgery field, it is well known that all stem cells produced in Thailand are still in the research stage and cannot be used in the treatment except for one disease, leukemia. Therefore, if there is any action on the stem Commercial cells in Thailand, apart from research presented to the Medical Council, are illegal! 

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Stem cell extract (From rabbit liver, monkey brain, placenta) that are injected according to the anti-aging clinic. Or that are announced for sale on the famous selling website at a price of 5,000-9,000 baht per box and then say that it is an imported product (through the FDA or not yet?). Will inject stem cells to check for themselves that if the name of the product or product claimed to search on Google The writer guarantees that you will only find websites from Thailand, no other countries. So, is it enough to look at each other? It’s made from any country, and whether or not that country has the technology that can extract stem cells and put them in a tube for sale? (Since China, Korea, Japan is a country with advanced technology in stem cells, it still can’t do it) but in the end, the writers can assure you that all the wealthy celebs would Looking for real, real stem cells to decorate your face to go to various events that are invited for sure and will turn stem cells into cells. Definitely the celeb of the century!

If any celeb is interested in looking for stem cells to decorate their faces, they should inquire and find out whether The clinic you are interested in has enough standards to do. Stem cell extraction? And if going abroad, you should find a clinic. It’s important to talk to the writers that we’ll make you know (that is, speak English) so that you can communicate what you want and what kind.

Nowadays, I see a lot of brokerage companies taking Thai people to have plastic surgery in Korea. When a problem arises, it doesn’t help. and let the patient go back to Korea. The patient himself was unable to do anything. because there is no clinic in Thailand to support when there is a problem (Injuries must be done by yourself. If you go with a brokerage company, they should check that. If there is a problem, is there any clinic in Thailand that can help solve the initial problem? As the writer said Nothing in the world is 100% perfect. Don’t look at only one side.

   Concluding about the experience of viewing the work on stem cells in South Korea a little more The writer considers this country to be quite The side that has developed by leaps and bounds. 20 years ago, we still saw the news that the Protests have been fighting each other for the past 20 years. Having caught up with Japan makes the writer look back at Thailand. We also have products that extract stem cells for sale on the website. In the future, Myanmar will surely be more prosperous than us.

vampire clinic (Clinic Relieve Thirst)

Reading from the name, it’s quite scary. vampire clinic But every patient would be able to guess that It must have something to do with “blood.” Yes, it has to do with blood sucking blood. dialysis, including ideas The most innovative of anti-aging medicine doctors as well. (This group of doctors is strong, overtaking every group of doctors, playing on the media Publish news in almost every newspaper page, almost every panel here) New zeal overtakes the curve of other groups of doctors. In the past, we only knew a doctor before entering the vampire clinic. The author would like to describe a group of doctors in internal medicine, surgeons, obstetricians and gynecologists, pediatric doctors (4 specialties of medicine. We may now begin to hear the term “Anti Aging” more often in newspapers, magazines, or on television. Many patients may wonder, right? slow medicine What is age exactly? Is it immortal or not? People who learn in this field will not grow old, not die, do not rot, look young, like having achieved a technique like in a Chinese movie?

This course is suitable for people who do not want to get old. The reason why this field of study is so strong is because soon more than 40% of the world’s population will begin to enter old age. People of this age have heavy bags and are ready to pay for everything. The subject of anti-aging medicine has gained strength over all disciplines. Notice that private hospitals are expensive. They set up this particular department. (Can you believe that this anti-aging medicine is not taught in medical schools yet? So where did he get the doctor who graduated from this branch from? I don’t want to say that this course can be a distance learning course.) Let’s go back to the vampire clinic. The author will explain how this kind of clinic has a process of making children feel. (Feel it, just feel it) The vampire clinic’s methods or treatments offer strange treatments. Alternative medicine (Alternative Medicine) that is not taught in medical textbooks, the writer does not say that alternative medicine It’s not good, but patients have to choose what they should and shouldn’t do. For example, Chelation therapy or removal of heavy metals in the blood by injecting EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid) is a type of Chelator into the bloodstream. Allow EDTA to collect heavy metals and excrete them through the kidneys. But as I said, the writers don’t dare to say much. Try to read them yourself at the links of foreign language websites in other countries. What do you think? For example, some clinics advertise that Can solve ischemic heart disease, cure autism. Name according to each clinic that you want to name interesting. The overall process of Oxygen Therapy is to suck the patient’s blood about 60-80 cc and put it into whatever machine that says that it can increase the amount of oxygen in the blood and inject it back into the patient. Do it several times a week to purify whole blood (This writer is confused. Normal blood in We have about 5,000 cc. of our body. How many times do we have to do this in order to get all of the dialysis and when the doctor and nurse comes to suck our blood out, they will know which blood drop has been through Oxygen Therapy? Look at Chelators. There are many types of Chelators, and each of them takes different kinds of heavy metals out of the body. Can’t the eye see it? Plus our blood is circulating in the body all the time) what the writer mentioned above. Patients probably understand that these vampire clinics tend to have a similar approach. with what has already been said is Bring the patient to suck the blood to draw blood. or even dialysis (For renal failure patients) and then take vitamins, supplements, tonics, hormones, including cytokine (Cytokine) (a substance that induces other cells, such as those involved in the immune system. sometimes called Cell Therapy) or whatever, including oxygen. It is injected and mixed with blood that has been taken from a dialysis machine and brought back into it. into the patient’s body Just like this, the patient will feel fresh. because there are no real numbers to confirm whether your age is really reduced by 5-10 years or not) makes patients ready to put money in their pockets for these vampire clinics? It’s not over yet These clinics also have supplements, tonics, vitamins, and many to offer before leaving the clinic. Often leaving the clinic Because the money in your pocket has disappeared with the joy of the staff of the vampire clinic. (There is also a horse-faced woman waiting to be delivered in front of the shop with pleasant words that say “I’m more beautiful, my girl is better, Auntie Sai is really clear. You don’t remember me. You look really young.”) Writers often tell patients who come for facelift surgery or whatever they do. In order to look good and look young, let’s just do it and make it look good and look as beautiful as your age.

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