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Print your own washi tape thoughts

I’ve cherished washi tape since I previously found it in American specialty web journals in 2009, and adored being one of the first washi tape stockists. This tape is one of my art supply staples as it’s so flexible for simple Do-It-Yourself thoughts and washi tape projects commonly needn’t bother a great deal of expertise.

I discovered some gift-wrapping thoughts from the Papermash documents and figured it would be amusing to re-share. The top picture is one of print your own washi tape thoughts of all time! These are pictures we’ve styled beforehand for our item shots.

1. Layered washi tape paunch band

Washi tape is the ideal specialty material for layering, as it tears without any problem. I cherished this classic style book tape with text which I made into a book band by layering it onto a characteristic watercolor paper which I marginally tore at the edges for a one-of-a-kind look. 

With washi tape it functions admirably in the event that you can collect it on a level surface – that is the reason the midsection band functions admirably. I was involving pages from an old organic book as one-of-a-kind gift wrapping, and despite the fact that washi tape is removable and repositionable, tearing a fragile paper is more probable.

2. Washi tape bow

This washi tape bow is a straightforward method for energizing plain paper on the off chance that you’ve run out of lace. It tends to be somewhat precarious to get right, so I suggest removing the focal point of the bow on a cutting mat and giving a great deal of consideration to the straight lines of the mat network. 

Then tenderly lift up the bow from your mat and add it to your bundle. For this situation, it was somewhat simple to make the straight lines exact as the brown paper has extremely scarce differences on it which I could use as an aide.

3. Washi tape hitting

Washi tape hitting is one of the simpler gift-wrapping thoughts which doesn’t need a surgical tool. Utilize a fine string or rope, and crease a piece of tape over the string so it stays together – ensuring the edges line up. Utilizing a sharp set of scissors, cut the tape into triangles or clip triangles into the edges. You can likewise utilize this scaled-down hitting to enliven a birthday

4. Washi tape numbers

For letters and numbers without bends, you can layer up washi tape on a cutting mat and afterward move it across to wrapping paper utilizing a surgical blade. In the event that you’re not as particular about straight lines or think that it is precarious, you can explore utilizing one tape yet it can look truly hitting with a ‘shadowed’ line. You can perceive how I styled the letter L correspondingly utilizing dark, white, and dim washi tape here.

10 Things You  With Washi Tape

“Washi” makes an interpretation basically to imply ‘paper’. Be that as it may, not at all like normal paper as far as we might be concerned in the West, Japanese Washi papers will quite often be undeniably more sensitive and lightweight. For a long time starting from the prologue to efficiently manufactured washi tapes, there have been endless cycles and translations in Japan, however universally.

Obviously, at Altenew, we likewise have our own extraordinary twist on washi tapes, and with every one of these washi tapes, you might think Adorn Diaries and Books

Well! There are lots of specialties with washi tape that you can make. The following are a couple of washi tape thoughts!

Adding a boundary with washi tape along the front of a diary is simple and it can take a basic notepad and make it something that truly feels like it’s yours. What’s more, washi tapes don’t simply work out positively outwardly.

Speeding out a little roll of print your own washi tape, you can carry life to your next slug diary section, mark a significant date in your organizer, or even cheer up your notes from your last talk. The Sunflower Range Washi Tape from Altenew would be perfect for this.

Solitary Components

Washi tapes some of the time include striking, occupied designs that envelop the entire roll. Altenew has a couple, similar to our Flower Whirlwinds Washi Tape or the Blue-green Shadow Washi Tape.While it’s good to have all that rich examples, you can likewise remove solitary components! By carrying the tape out over a plain piece of cardstock, you can particularly cut around a blossom and use it in your next creation.

One of our creators did only this, as a matter of fact! Look at this version of Innovative Shading with Erum on our blog to see exactly the way that she got it done.


While it’s normal for washi tapes to be little in size, some of the time washi tapes can get colossal.!Certainly enormous enough to fill a whole foundation of a card. This can be particularly useful assuming that you’re hoping to make a few cards with reliable plans.

Layered Surfaces and Examples

Washi tapes come in a wide range of varieties and surfaces, so why not join them?

Layering a polished gold over a matte botanical? Or on the other hand a strong pink across a bustling mathematical example? It’s an incredible method for adding a third aspect to your next make.

As a matter of fact, one of our inconceivably capable planners did only this!

Consolidate With CardstockOne exceptional part of washi tapes is that they are frequently extremely meager, once in a while even clear.Rather than putting a washi tape over only a plain white cardstock, next time have a go at utilizing hued cardstock and let the variety look through the washi tape on the top.

Bite the dust Cuts

One way to variate your bite-the-dust slices is to utilize washi tape to adorn your cardstock. Involving the now-enhanced paper for your kick-the-bucket cuts, this adds an entirely different component to your specialties with washi tape!

Markers and Washi Tape

You can likewise take a stab at blending various examples and layers for various impacts and aspects on your washi tape creates! Our Card Configuration Colleague, Aga, made this forward-thinking occasion card including our washi tapes!

While all washi tapes have their own interesting examples, why not add your own touch? Have a go at utilizing to add your own twists!

The surface of most print your own washi tape looks like paper and as such is exceptionally receptive to liquor markers.


Sending a letter is a particularly cherishing signal. Why not make it considerably more private by enlivening the envelope you sent it in?

Adding a caring line around the envelope is an ideal method for saying something. What’s more, since it’s a tape, you don’t need to stress over losing your frivolity via the post office.

Gift Sacks/Gift Boxes

Like embellishing envelopes, adding washi tape to the beyond a gift pack or a gift box is a simple method for adding an additional touch to your next gift.

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