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The Top Ten Bowlers in the BBL in Terms of Their Economy Rates

In Twenty20 cricket, there is a greater focus placed on batting than on bowling. Bowlers have a difficult time scoring runs in this format due to the way runs are tallied. In the early stages of one-day cricket, a defensive total of 200 was considered to be sufficient. On the other hand, these totals should no longer be relied upon in Twenty20 cricket. However, when seen in this light, a bowler’s total number of wickets provides no indication whatsoever of how effective they are. According to bbl news today, the economy rates is certainly one of the most important considerations. Bowlers who have a low economy rate may slow down the rate at which batting teams score runs. Because of the bowlers’ strict economy rate, the batsman often makes a mistake that costs them their wicket.

Lasith Malinga

Due to the fact that Malinga is often regarded as the finest bowler in the Twenty20 format, he is frequently the subject of discussion. This quick right-arm bowler has created a lot of difficulty for opposition batsmen when they are at the batting crease because of the way he bowls right-handed. Malinga was particularly skilled in playing Yorkers that were difficult for his opponents to respond to. The financial situation of Malinga is in a far better position than that of any other Big Bash League side. His flawless performance in economics was rewarded with a score of five, and the reason for this was because the system rewards thriftiness.


It is generally agreed upon that Muralitharan was the finest bowler in the annals of cricket’s history. He possesses the record for the most wickets taken by any player across all formats, including Tests and One-Day Internationals. Muralitharan has also taken part in Twenty20 competitions, where he has a great lot of experience and has been quite successful. After playing in 16 games, his economy rating in the BBL is at 5.70.

Johnson Mitchell 

In the sport of cricket, Johnson was a member of the Australian national squad for a short time. The right-handed fast bowler had a reputation for being a killer of batters’ stumps because to the incredible speed with which he delivered the ball. Throughout his time spent participating in the Big Bash League, Johnson maintained his bowling efficiency, averaging 6.14 runs scored per over regardless of the format (BBL).

 Mujeeb Ur Rahman

Over the last several years, Afghanistan’s cricket team has produced a number of great spinners, particularly in the Twenty20 format. Take for instance the situation with Mujeeb as an example. This young bowler has already amassed an astounding amount of success and notoriety in a very short amount of time. Mujeeb is a participant on each and every one of the cricket teams, and his Big Bash League economy rate of 6.27 puts him in the position of being the best bowler in the competition.

 Samuel Badree 

The T20 World Cup was won by Badree, who is now the winner of the tournament. He was an essential part of the West Indies’ run to victory in the Twenty20 World Championship, which they ended up taking home. During the course of his professional life, he participated in the sport of cricket while being a member of a variety of different cricket franchises. His Big Bash League economy rate was only 6.42 runs per inning, which was barely acceptable.

Rashid Khan

The name Rashid Khan is the first one that springs to mind whenever the term “best Twenty20 bowler of this era” is spoken. This exceptional bowler has the ability to deliver an accurate spell regardless of the condition of the pitch. Rashid is, by a significant margin, the most important player in the Big Bash League. To put it another way, his rating for the economy in this competition is a pitiful 6.52%.

 GB Hogg

In the world of Twenty20 Spin, Hogg is revered as a true living legend. He took part in the Twenty20 World Cup at an age that was before unmatched by any other player, which resulted in the setting of a new record. The passage of time does not seem to affect him, and his performance improves with each new opportunity that comes his way. Hogg has been active in the BBL for a substantial length of time, and his economy rate of 6.63 is one of the best in the league.

 MA Beer

Beer played the role of bowler for the Australian cricket team during his time as a previous member of the team. Prior to this, he had mostly devoted the majority of his time to competing in the BBL. During the course of his participation in 58 gigantic bash bouts, Beef was a member of not one but two separate teams. Due to the fact that he has a Bowling Average of 6.70 in the Big Bash League (BBL), it can be said that he is a very excellent bowler.

Steve O’Keefe

Steven, a bowler who once competed for the Australian cricket team, used to play for them. He became well-known as a result of the amazing performance he put in during the first test match of India’s 2017 series. After that, he mostly competed in the BBL, where he was afforded a far lower number of chances. This international cricket match featured an economy rate of 6.72 thanks to his efforts.

JP Behrendorff 

Due to the fact that Jason stands at a towering 6 feet 3 inches in height, the Australian cricket team use him as a formidable fast bowler. He has virtually exclusively represented his nation in the kind of cricket known as white-ball cricket during his career. However, he has been at his very best while competing in the Big Bash League, which is where he spends the most of his time. Jason’s bowling not only results in wickets, but it also keeps the run rate at a tolerable level for the team. For his work in economics during the BBL, he received a mark of just 6.88 out of 10.

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