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Things to keep in mind when choosing a color for a metal roof

Are you looking forward to replacing your roof? Well, suppose you’re excited about transforming your home after choosing the metal roofing material. In that case, you are left with the most critical decision to make, i.e., the selection of the color. It is crucial to match the roof color and material with the exterior of your home. Here are some significant considerations to keep in mind to make your color selection process more straightforward.

Elements that affect your metal roof color choice

Here are some aspects to consider when choosing the color of metal roofing Edmonton:

  • The architecture: Depending on how you have designed your home, a specific color may be suitable. You should know how big or unique you want your house to appear. Just like clothes, light roofs will make your house appear more prominent, while dark roofs will make your home smaller. Knowing if you want to make your house appear smaller or bigger can be the first point to start with your decision-making.
  • The weather conditions: Do you know that your metal shingle color can impact the temperature of your attic up to 40%? And as you may know, it significantly affects the heating and cooling of your home. While light color shingles deflect light and keep your house cooler during summers, dark color shingles absorb light and keep your house warm in the cold season. If you get a lot of snow, dark shingles will help melt ice by being warm.
  • Your objective: Are you looking ahead to carve a statement? Do you want to change your home temperature? A common understanding of what you want from your roof impacts your color selection to a great point. To make your home look distinctive and make a statement, you should choose unique roof colors. If you want to make your home appear like the other homes, you can tone down the colors.
  • Your neighborhood: Some communities have rules that prescribe acceptable roof colors. They do this to avoid any clash from neighboring homes. If your locality has these rules, check with them to ensure your chosen color aligns with their regulations.
  • The construction of your home: Roofing is better when it syncs with the color on the wall. Whether wood siding, bricks, or any specific trim, you should pick a roof color that echoes well. For instance, choosing a dark gray or black roof is an excellent option if you have a blue or gray house. A brown home will look amazing with cream shingles. You can also go for a yellow, red, or white roof if you have black, brown, and gray walls.
  • Readily available: Not all shingle colors may be available. It is essential to contact your metal roofing Edmonton supplier and ask if they have specific color available.

Regardless of the color you want for your new roof, it is vital to get it installed appropriately. Ensure you get a roof that lasts long and offers protection. Turn to AMT Roofing for top-class roofing services!

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