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Zorbing- What Is It And The Different Types?

Whether you are strolling around the water or not, getting yourself tested or the companion on an obstacle is off course. Zorbing is an adventurous sports activity that provides the ultimate fun and most thrilling experience.

With a zorb ball, you can easily explore the hills, walk on the run or play on the ground, and, most importantly, enjoy the adventurous Zorbing experience. This product is made of high-quality materials, which makes it 100% safe and secure.

Moreover, zorbing is not just of one type but many others. Here is a complete guide for you to let you know about zorbing. Go through it and find out about zorbing and its types in brief.

What is Zorbing?

An air pocket is a substantial, adaptable, and stretched plastic ball that a person can move freely. Zorb balls are greater than inflatable hamster balls. Zorbing is an unusual sport where a person gets inside a large ball and rolls over in the water or from the hills.

It is also known as sphereing, orbiting, or globe riding. Zorbing is considered an extreme sport; a person cannot control the moves.

The zorb balls twist and roll at the speed of 25 mph. A person can even buy zorb at Kameymall. [Ma1] Moreover, they are available in different shapes and sizes, which make it quite an ideal choice to pick as per the height and weight of the person.

Lucrative terms of zorbing

  • Zorbing comes with zero risk if the person isn’t suffering from any medical condition like heart problem or asthma. This activity is performed using an inflatable ball, and the harness will increase the safety and security of the person. Moreover, the outer and inner shells are made with thicker polyester, which has a low impact on the body while crashing.  
  • A Zorb ball is quite solid and doesn’t get collapsed. So no matter how long you have been zorbing, it will give you the freedom to continue and enjoy the activity to the fullest.
  • Zorbing is considered quite a healthy exercise as it allows the user to roll, move and run which warms up the body and makes it more flexible. Moreover, it makes a person happy and enjoyable. Therefore, zorbing is a great activity to perform and a great exercise as well.

Different types of Zorbing balls

There is a variety of Zorbing balls available, and every one of them has its features. However, here is the list of all the Zorbing ball types.

Ground Zorbing walls

It is a common type of zorb ball with several features-

  • This zorb ball is perfect for running, rolling, jumping, and tumbling. If you are a dry Zorbing lover, then a ground Zorbing ball is a perfect option.
  • The ball has a thickness of 1 millimeter and has quite strong plastic. Moreover, it has a diameter of up to 12 feet and can hold a person’s height of up to 8 feet.
  • The Ground Zorbing ball is quite durable, lightweight, and elastic. This is because; the Zorbing ball is made with PVC material.
  • This zorb ball is available both with and without a harness.

Water Zorbing balls

It is another type of zorb ball that kids generally love. This ball comes with multiple features-

  • With this ball, you, your partner, and your kids can walk, play and run on the water.
  • These inflatable water zorb balls come with highly graded straps and handle, ensuring complete security, safety, and endless fun.
  • Moreover, the ball also consists of latex and highly graded rubber, through which it is easy to make punctures.
  • Water balls come in different shapes and sizes; you can customize the size according to your choice.

Snow Zorbing balls

How can someone forget about snow when you can enjoy land and water? No doubt, you can enjoy the snowy surfaces through Snow Zorbing balls. There are several features associated with Snow Zorbing balls-

  • Before you use these balls, it is better to practice with professionals. This is because Snow Zorbing balls don’t come with high friction, which ultimately makes it quite difficult to move and even can cause ball freezing. But if you know how to use the snowballs, it will be quite easy to operate, and you can seamlessly enjoy the snow Zorbing.
  • The balls are attached with nylon rope and come with stainless steel, making them quite safe and warmer in the cold.

Bubble ride balls

Bubble rides balls are other zorb balls that are quite interesting to try. There are multiple features of bubble rides-

  • Bubble rides are another way to enjoy, ride and play intense sports games such as soccer and football.
  • These balls are spherical, which hug the player’s upper body and give them full control of their movements.
  • It comes with a unique helmet that provides complete security and fun.

Zorbing is an extremely fun and adventurous activity that a person can perform on land, water, and snow. It has become quite popular, and everyone loves participating in this activity.

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