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How much does it cost to hire a professional arborist in Toronto?

To provide you with a precise answer on how much it will cost to hire a professional arborist, it is crucial to break down the different tasks they perform. Depending on what job they’re doing will help you decide the fee.

On average, tree service prices in Toronto range from $350 to $1500, according to the task. Small tree trimming services such as palm trim will cost you $75, but removing a big oak tree can cost you $5000.

Tree arborists don’t charge on an hourly basis, nor do they have a specific call-out fee. When you hire an arborist for a service, they provide a quote after inspecting the tree.

Charges for tree trimming

The charges for tree trimming depend on the number of branches trimmed and their size. It begins at $75 per tree and can go as high as $2500. You can imagine trimming a few palm tree branches and trimming a pine tree.

Charges for tree removal

The tree removal cost depends on the tree’s size and location. The average price begins from $1000. If it is a small tree, the removal can go as low as $200, but if the tree is big and needs branching and using heavy machines for removal, it can cost up to $5000.

Cost of arborist tree report

An arborist report is not the same as an inspection report. It is an official document put together for development by construction companies.

An arborist for a single tree can range from $300 to $500. If you want to remove a tree from your property and your council has demanded an official report, you can share the arborist’s report. It includes information about the present health of the tree, its value, and life expectancy.

Charges for stump removal

Most tree service companies have a stump grinding machine to remove stumps. The cost of removing the stump ranges from $40 to $500, depending on the stump’s size, hindrances, and location.

Charges per hour

Arborists don’t charge by the hour but by the project. The reason is that every tree project is unique and requires equipment, employee, and overheads.

It means the cost per hour may differ significantly, yet the charges for the same will be the same. For instance, if a tree service has a team of five people to remove a 30ft tree in four hours. Now consider removing the same tree with three men.

The cost of removing the tree would be roughly the same, but the charge for one man to complete the task is 5 hours, and the other job is 8 hours.

The hourly rate for every company would be different, but the removal cost will be the same. This is why arborists charge according to the job and not the hour.

Apart from this, an arborist performs many other tasks such as tree inspection, route air ration, tree injection, setting up tree protection zones, and identifying diseases in a tree and their treatment. Everything is priced accordingly. Pick a service you want and find out its charges.

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