Thursday, December 7, 2023

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Ethan Schmidt has made headlines recently for his anti-mask videos and racist remarks. In one video, he promises to visit Target stores during Pride Month to harass LGBT people. He has also posted videos featuring right-wing luminaries. But what exactly is he up to? And what is his relationship with Trump?

Schmidt’s passion for history was rivaled only by his love for his family. He rose early in the morning to be with his family, and would return home after conferences to deliver lectures. Schmidt’s love of travel was also evident in his volunteer work with Little League and his love of his adopted states of Texas and Mississippi. He also served as a Jayhawk basketball ambassador.

Schmidt was born in South Lyon, Michigan, the son of William and Karen Schmidt. He has two siblings, Samuel and Elizabeth. He is a college student who plans to major in art. He has also been banned from Twitter several times. In response to the threats, Schmidt visited the FBI. While the FBI is still investigating the case, he says he plans to continue his research.

Schmidt’s arrest comes two days after he made several threats to police. His anti-LGBTQ activities put him on law enforcement radar. He also violated a court order in January, threatening to “hunt down and kill LGBT advocates in Target stores.” Schmidt was held overnight in Mesa, Arizona and released on Sunday.


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