Thursday, December 7, 2023

Short Guide on Hulu Plus Live TV

The importance of video streaming platforms around the world has grown significantly. With the rise in video streaming, the entertainment industry has completely changed. It has undergone drastic changes to ensure they do not disappoint people at any cost.

Today, entertainment means binge-watching the trendiest TV series! And then you discuss them over social media or with friends and family in person. People prefer subscribing to video streaming platforms instead of relying on traditional cable services. They like binge-watching their favorite TV series, movies, or live channels instead of hanging out with their friends.

According to Statista, in 2020, almost three billion users streamed or downloaded video, which is expected to reach 3.5 billion by 2023. A huge number of people are using video streaming platforms, and the figures will continue to increase in the upcoming years.

There are several live video streaming and video-on-demand platforms you can subscribe to. Do your research well before choosing any platforms, as each of them is different in terms of the number of channels, packages, prices, and so on. In this blog, we will discuss Hulu plus Live TV so let’s dive in!

However, if you do not want to stick to any one platform, you can subscribe to the DISH Network channel guide and get a plethora of channels to choose from.

What is Hulu Plus Live TV?

Hulu was launched in the year 2008 as a joint venture of ABC and Fox to take the viewing experience to another level. However, the platform is owned by The Walt Disney Company, and Live TV is a joint venture with 21st Century Fox.

Today, it is one of the most popular platforms and has almost 45 million annual subscribers. The platform provides access to a diverse range of on-demand movies and series. Mainly it is famous for broadcasting live local channels and provides access to the biggest video-on-demand library.

It supports Android TV, Google Chrome OS, Microsoft Windows 10, and so on. So, do not worry about the supported devices. Moreover, you can cancel the service anytime you want and will not be penalized.

Plans and Pricing

Before you pay for the services, you can subscribe to a trial version for seven days. The basic plan starts at $70.00 with ads. The other plan will cost you around $76 per month but without ads.

If you use Hulu Plus Live TV, you can have access to unlimited DVR recording capacity. You can record your favorite shows on the cloud DVR. Since your programs are recorded on the cloud, you can watch them from anywhere and anytime you like. It also allows six user profiles to personalize their watching experience.

Despite the package you choose, you will get to watch your content in standard HD at 720p, full HD at 1080, and 4K Ultra HD.

Hulu Plus Live TV: What to Watch

If you subscribe to Hulu Plus Live TV, you will receive a diverse variety of content. From sports channels to news channels, you name it and it has got it. You can enjoy live content on CBS, BBC, Comedy Central, MLB, ESPN, TNT, Cartoon Network, NBA, and several other channels as well.

If you are a movie fan and do not want to watch sports, then you can watch more than ten thousand movies and TV shows, including Hulu Originals. If this is not enough, you can add premium channels like HBO Max, STARZ, and so on but remember there are additional fees for that.

Verdict: Is it Worth It?

So, if you are wondering whether Hulu Live TV is worth investing in or not, then we definitely recommend you subscribe to it.

There are several good reasons to choose this platform. One of the major reasons is that it offers unlimited entertainment at a market competitive price! However, if you are still not satisfied with Hulu Plus Live TV, you can choose the DISH channel guide as it is a convenient option with the basic plan starting at $59.99 only!

The good news is that you will get 190 channels to choose from, including CNN, CBC, ESPN, and so on!

The final decision is yours; check your budget and enjoy watching your favorite content.

Final Thoughts

With the plethora of video streaming platforms to choose from, we know it can be quite difficult to choose any one!

Hulu Plus Live TV is an excellent option for people who are fed up with using traditional cable connections. Without a doubt, it delivers an impressive user experience, and subscribers can create six user profiles.

So, when it is about watching your favorite video content, do not compromise on the quality at any cost. Do your research and choose the best!

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