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Six Reasons To Get A Louvered Pergola For Outdoor Areas

Bayview Lumex is among the largest and most trustworthy blind suppliers Melbourne-based companies providing louvres, shutters, and decor installation for improved living in Australia. Our unique construction techniques and the use of high-quality materials will make your Pergolas deflect certain levels of light, cool or warm temperatures, including harsh rains and snowstorms.

Here are six critical reasons why a louvre Pergola can upgrade your outdoor lifestyle living experience.

Virtually Zero-Maintenance

The high-grade materials used in the construction of louvres and pergolas make them nearly impervious to minor issues like corrosion, stains, paint erosion, etc. Our offered louvres utilise aluminium that is classified for aircraft use, including the mounting components to offer sturdy longevity.

So, fret not even the slightest regarding conditions like warped deformations or cracks developing into your louvre-shielded patio. Our team will work with your requirements and material dealers to provide you with the best results that you can experience with ease.

Your Shield Against Weather Conditions

Experiencing a pleasant evening or afternoon rain should not have to degrade the life of your louvres and blinds, and we can ensure it. All the plantation shutters Gold Coast installations and materials we provide have mechanisms that connect and securely interlock to prevent any build-up of water, snow or air. 

Such carefulness while constructing your pergola ultimately lets you carry and access your electronics under the louvre without worries. So, have a chill session of watching episodes of your favourite drama or game on in your outdoor area; the weather has nothing on you.

Modern Automated Louvers

Our Pergolas indeed look appealing, but they also deliver class-leading functionality, which we deliver with the help of modern installations. Use our native application to access the control of your pergola to connect with your favourite AI assistant of your choice. We will integrate its support so you can easily access different pergola functions with voice commands or button presses.

Ask or command Alexa to adjust shade percentage using our high-tech installation and experience convenience like never before. The provided remote will also let you access and control pergola temperature, multimedia settings and projector settings depending on your specific needs.

Climate Control Options

Throwing shade is no longer just a metaphor when your pergola louvre lets you do it in real time with one touch. Manage the airflow with the ability to lower the temperatures to feel the chill or increase the circulation and bring some heat. The ceiling-equipped fan can also be managed from the remote, but what makes it special is that you can drop the temperature as low as 21 degrees.

Let the shades do the magic, or rather, the pergola become your magic altar by managing elements of humidity and air while comfortably sitting or performing as you may like. The hotness of summer days is no longer your concern when you’re under the modern pergola.

Stunning Aesthetics Suitable For Every House

Whoever said your pergola has to resemble a bond cave or any of the minimalist designs you spot in interior decor magazines. Bayview Lumex lets you pick and customise your preferences, especially even when you pick adjustable louvred pergola installations.

Our various finishes and textures created by our in-house team can construct the perfect outdoor living area of your dreams. 

Works 24×7 Around The Year

What’s better than having a pergola that you can adjust to your personal preferences?

-A pergola that can work hassle-free around the year.

The louvre pergola we install on your outdoor premises can bear and outlast many cycles of seasons for many years consistently. Your patio won’t necessarily have to be cold during any winter when you can adjust its humidity levels.

Assuredly, you can also eliminate any concerns about corrosion because the materials, as mentioned previously, use aircraft-grade aluminium for stability and resilience against weather conditions.

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